Research & Development

Our Approach

We support a deep tradition and practice of acoustic research and product development, which is the foundation of this company. Our principals have lead the development of hull array transducers and systems, towed array sonar sensors, sail array transducer, acoustic modem transducers, directional transducers, low frequency compact sources, and pressure gradient acoustic motion and fixed vector sensor technologies.

Our technology is rooted in scientific and engineering acoustics applications of the conversion or transformation of electrical, mechanical and acoustical energy. We are experienced professionals in the multidisciplinary fields of electrical, mechanical, acoustical, materials and metrology engineering as well as basic and applied physics.

Physics Based Modeling

BTech also offers transducer and acoustic subsystem modeling, including but not limited to, amplifier design and magnetic tuning. Contact us about providing system performance and virtual prototyping.

Solutions for Next Generation

BTech is aggressively researching and developing technology for next the generation systems in areas such as: