Specialty Products

Do you have a specialty need that is currently not met by a commercial off the shelf solution? BTech has developed and tested over 200 small quantity product solutions for a variety of customers.

BTech excels in extraordinary modeling and prototyping capability with in-house machine equipment including traditional manual and CNC mills and lathes.

BTech is also skilled in all the measurement and experimentation aspects of underwater acoustic calibration from a few hundred Hz to MHz capabilities.

We also have a virtual prototyping capability based on our detailed analytical models of all the common piezoelectric elements and transducers (cylinders, rings, spheres, plates, pistons, etc.). Prior to embarking on an expensive development and testing exercise let our engineers simulate the proposed design and produce a comprehensive set performance estimations and ready-to-build drawings. The utility of an accurate model can allow modifications to be made much earlier in the development process.

Let us see if we can meet your needs.

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