Company Profile

BTech Acoustics, LLC
Acoustic Transducer and Sonar Development

To provide innovative acoustic transducer technologies for underwater communication and sonar applications to various government, commercial and research entities.

Leadership Statement
BTech provides high performance underwater acoustic transducers to the US Navy and various ocean technology-driven organizations. Since 1999, BTech has established its role as a professional developer of sonar technologies. Our founder, Dr. David Brown, has been focused in the field of transducer development for more than 25 years. Our chief scientist, Dr. Boris Aronov, continues to develop new products in acoustics transduction with more than 50 years of leadership experience.

BTech operates in facilities located in Fall River, MA and Barrington, RI.
BTech designs, develops and manufactures underwater acoustic transducers (projectors and hydrophones), power amplifiers, preamplifiers, and matching networks for sonar, communication, and unmanned underwater vehicle applications.